British steel has been in decline for years. High energy prices ( Thanks again EU ) and a flood of cheap Chinese steel on the market have made British steel less and less profitable with every passing month. There has been little action by our MPs, some whom fought vociferously for green taxes, without any thought that it will affect ordinary working people.

If we try to step in, the EU stops us. In Scunthorpe the Council refused to give a tax break to the Tata Steel plant, admitting that granting a discount on the firm’s £15.2 million business rates would be illegal under EU law. Not one iota of concern from the Government or the EU at the loss for the workers and their families.

Imposing EU state aid rules thwart us in taking over steel mills and running them as a going concern.  We cannot provide short term funding for wages or improvements in manufacturing which improve production and lower costs. We cannot even help by having a temporary halt on job losses while other options are explored.

Now is the time to ignore EU rules and regulations that do not benefit the British people. The electorate have told Brussels where to go, yet our politicians have not quite figured this out yet.  If we take a stand now by the time any penalties or court action comes our way, we will have already left, so why wait to save our steel and let’s do it now before this industry is lost forever.


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