Was it just me or was Theresa May embodying pure excellence at the despatch box? Her six years of practice at Home Office Questions and countless statements have set her up perfectly for the serious side, but because this is PMQ’s the occasional joke can be thrown.

Theresa ‘Cold as Ice’ May was left behind one week into her premiership, and in her place was the humourous May, the side only Tory members see, except now this was broadcast to the country.

Her predecessor hammered Corbyn at this weekly session, Mrs May took aim with a Trident missile and fired right at him. As Corbyn dithered, the Prime Minister excelled, taking his line over unscrupulous bosses and turning it into a quip targeted for the disenchanted on the Labour benches – ‘A boss who doesn’t listen to his workers? A boss who doubles their workload?’. She even accused him of exploiting the rules to further his career before delivering the shrill line leaning over the dispatch box, digging deep into him ‘Remind him of anybody?’.

Video courtesy of Jonny Dowe

This line, alongside her various replies from her own praise filled benches to Lib Dem leader Tim Farron who closed the 36 minute session, where of course she quipped ‘my party is bigger than his’ as her final kill, has only furthered the comparisons to Margaret Thatcher, as her natural timing, looks that could kill, and pure determination to succeed echoed the late former Prime Minister. Mrs May may draw on Baroness Thatcher as an inspiration for these weekly battles, after all it was under her leadership that PMQ’s was first televised! Yet, I get the feeling Theresa May will only need the glance at the file and her pure elegance to guide her through. Her so far weeklong honeymoon has given her a terrorist attack in France and a military coup and purge in NATO member Turkey, yet the PM was able to walk away with a smile on her face today as her husband looked over the session from the Public Gallery.

A brilliant session, Corbyn thrashed and May leaves as a hero. Maybe when she returns from Europe later this week her perception will have changed? However I suspect, like Brexit and today’s PMQ’s, she’s going to make a success of it.


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