David Cameron is one of my heroes. He is efficient, modern and a reformer, all three talents he’s brought to the Conservative Party and his premiership.

I’m not going to write this article full of every single achievement of his, you’ve seen it all over the 24hr news and the papers, but I can’t help but reflect on my childhood, of which the last 6 years, my time as a teenager, has been under his premiership.

When Cameron became Party Leader, he was dubbed the ‘heir to Blair’, which depending how you look is a huge compliment or an even bigger insult! But the one thing they share in common is that they redefined British Politics in their own way: Blair and ‘sofa government’. Cameron and the EU. David Cameron, regrettably, will be remembered for the referendum that brought him down. Maybe in years to come he’ll be seen as the sacrifice for our newfound freedom, democracy and prosperity outside the European Union? I hope so, but I also hope he gets remembered for his other achievements: same sex marriage, which he claimed today as one of his greater achievements, welfare reform, a stronger economy in which employment is at its highest level ever, and 4 million people out of income tax. He deserves a positive legacy, and he’s got one to be proud of.

Today at his final PMQs, he brought his typical wit and humour to the session, cracking jokes at the other members’ expense. On female Prime Ministers ‘2 nil and not a pink bus in sight’. Cameron can leave Number 10 with a smile, and as he said: ‘I was the future once.’


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