The Labour Party risks exploding into a full-blown civil war today as Angela Eagle announces her bid to take over the reins of the party leadership. With Corbyn pledging to stand once again, there seems a huge possibility that the party will completely split into two camps; the Corbynistas and the moderates. As Ms Eagle prepares to lead the moderates into battle, does she have what it takes to dispose of Mr Corbyn?

To an outsider it must seem an obvious choice. In one hand you have Angela Eagle, an experienced and formidable moderate, who has every chance of beating a divided Tory party. On the other hand, you have Jeremy Corbyn, who has the support of under 20% of his parliamentary party and has failed to land a single powerful punch on a Tory Government that has torn itself apart. However, this is no normal electorate. This is the Labour Party. The party that once prided itself in being, ‘the most sophisticated electorate in the world,’ is fast becoming the most absurd electorate in the world. And soon, the members may make an absurd choice and choose Jeremy Corbyn to lead them into the 2020 General Election, presumably into electoral oblivion.

It is fast becoming clear that the only real hope of removing Corbyn is if lawyers rule that Corbyn must receive the backing of 51 Labour MP’s and MEP’s. However, if it is left down to a membership vote, there seems only one likely outcome. Only last week, 60,000 people joined the Labour party, expected to be a fresh new wave of Corbyn supporters joining to boost his leadership chances. When you add in the huge support for Corbyn among current Labour members, it seems that Corbyn may just live to fight for another day.

And what does that mean? It will be bad for Corbyn himself, as it is coming increasingly clear that he desperately wishes to resign but is unable to do so due to a loyal band of supporters who wish to cling to power. It will be bad for the Labour party, who will likely erupt into a civil war and possibly see a party split, leaving Her Majesty’s Opposition in political wilderness. It will be bad for the nation, with there being no competent opposition in place and the UK possibly turning into a one-party state for the foreseeable future. A Corbyn victory will not be anything of the sort to the Labour Party and the nation.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. In the upcoming leadership election, an opportunity will be offer on to the Labour Party members to dispose of an incompetent leader and replace him with a fresh new leader. Angela Eagle has never been a ‘showy politician’ as Theresa May would put it, but what she lacks in charisma she more than makes up in determination and hard work. A resilient and diligent politician, Eagle is likely to be the last roll of the dice for unity within the Labour Party. She may not lead her party to success at the next General Election but she can stave off electoral meltdown and help keep the party together. In the backdrop of a huge national crisis, Eagle’s steely leadership could push her party back to the fore of national politics. Contrast this with Corbyn’s shambolic leadership and it could be said that Labour Party members have a clear choice between two paths; unity or discord.

When voting in the impending leadership election, Labour members should remember one key fact; principles are nothing without power. Without the keys to 10 Downing Street, Labour will never be able to come to the aid of the vulnerable and helpless. Eagle claimed she decided to run because Corbyn had “failed to lead an organised and effective party.” However, it is clear that Corbyn would fail to lead an organised and effective piss up in a brewery. To have any chance of helping the disadvantaged, Labour must choose Angela Eagle. To have any chance of electoral success, Labour must choose Angela Eagle. To have any chance of remaining a credible political party, Labour must choose Angela Eagle.


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