Does The UKIP Leadership Race Really Matter Anymore?


UKIP’s second in command has ruled himself out of the race to replace Nigel Farage and announced he will stand down as Deputy Leader. Mr Nuttall, who was viewed as one of the favourites to succeed Mr Farage, said he had achieved his objectives following the Brexit vote.This leaves Steven Woolfe who is a qualified Barrister, of mixed race and started off life growing up on a Council Estate in Manchester as the most likely to succeed. He is not what the establishment would consider a typical kipper and that may well be on his side.

It is also touted that Suzanne Evans will be standing too. This would be hugely unlikely since she is still suspended from the Party and will probably not even make it on to the ballot. The following will not be my words, but that of a member of the UKIP NEC. ” Suzanne Evans making a fool of herself on LBC and in the Daily Mail. Elected to nothing in UKIP she is bringing the party into disrepute saying the NEC is unaccountable. Boasting her outfits cost less than Nigel pays for his socks; all I can say is it shows . If she was genuine she would be hauling her brief before the BAR COUNCIL for the ‘Nigel is a wife beater blackmail’ but then perhaps he had been instructed by her. She sounds more like a corbynite than a UKIPPER.
Bookies are taking money under false pretences ; she cannot stand under the rules and they will not be broken otherwise there will be agony. so bye bye. ”

Whether other kippers agree or not, it is clear she is too divisive to keep UKIP united, particularly with the risk Andrea Leadsom could bring to UKIP’s core vote. Having been involved with UKIP myself I can say opinion is divided on her and she is certainly someone who appears rather aloof from my own personal experience.

The big question though is will UKIP survive BREXIT? A change of leader may mean absolutely nothing if they cannot give their eurosceptic core vote a reason to remain supportive as we leave the E.U.

There are still plenty people to the right of politics who could not bring themselves to vote Conservative, particularly in the North and the Liberal Democrats are still not offering enough opposition in Labour heartlands.

Whoever the leader may be will have a big task ahead of them to keep the Party relevant but it is much more likely to survive with someone like Steven Woolfe than Suzanne Evans.


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