Since the very day the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union and our Prime Minister resigned from Office, I was proudly one of the very first to publicly anticipate and then endorse Andrea’s campaign to become leader of the Conservative Party. I see it as absolutely vital that the next person who moves into Number 10 as the key negotiator of our terms with friends on the European continent is a Brexiteer. Even though Theresa May came out with, “Brexit means Brexit” I am still nevertheless uncertain about her motives if she is given the reigns of the Party and Her Majesty’s Government.

Frankly, you all should be uncertain about the Home Secretary. It’s widely acknowledged for the past six years she has boxed herself into the Home Department brief and is reported to out of a lack of experience or competence rarely speaks in Cabinet when other issues are discussed. Did any of you see her during the EU referendum? No, nobody did. Theresa May was dubbed the “reluctant Remainer” by Fleet Street. I say we do not need or deserve a Prime Minister who sat on the fence especially on such an important national question.

However, nobody can accuse Andrea Leadsom of hedging her bets on the referendum result, she played a key part in the Vote Leave campaign and gathered the respect of millions for her composure and passion during televised debates. She faced key Remain politicians like Ruth Davidson, Nicola Sturgeon, Sadiq Khan and came out unbruised. For doubters to suggest she lacks the substance to face Merkel and Juncker is an absolute joke. In my eyes Andrea has proven she can take political heavyweights on in political discussion (and I note without lowering herself to insults and petty student union politicking.)

I see Andrea’s motto, “Prosperity not Austerity” as a fundamental principle of her campaign. Instead of providing a bleak future of debt and pessimism, Andrea wants to give young people the tools and the capability to aspire and achieve. By discouraging those who simply earn their money off the backs of poor service and business whilst opening up our economy to the world, she will create more jobs and provide the conditions for a stable and flexible economy. I trust Andrea in negotiating and signing tariff-free trading deals with the European continent, the Americas and the emerging economies in the East. Her considerable experience in finance and business provides me with the assurance she will get us the best possible deal.

Having already fought the full force of an organised mud-slinging campaign from all sides, Andrea is facing the exact same reaction that Lady Thatcher received in 1975.  She is an insurgent candidate that represents the grassroots of the Party and I think the Parliamentary Party are going to have a rather big shock when the final result comes in. I disagree completely with those who label her as an Extremist as Aspiration, stable family units and Eurosceptism are definitely not extremist principles, they are British in essence. That is why she has already acquired the support of those who have been alienated from the Conservative Party by the robotic and Londoncentric nature of Cameron and the Notting Hill gang.

From the moment she announced her campaign in Westminster, my Facebook was soon, to my glee, littered with Leadsom4Leader twibbons and endorsements from key Leave campaigners, activists and politicians. She fought an uphill battle to get onto the Leadership ballot in the first place and now I believe her campaign more than ever has a great chance to win.

All I can do now is simply implore Conservative members reading to ignore the Establishment hatchet-job of her character and vote for Andrea when you receive your ballot. Britain needs the best possible deal and Andrea Leadsom can get that for us in Europe and the World.


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