Leadsom: The Rise of a Dark Horse


So here we are. After all the runners and the riders, the gossip and the rumours, just two candidates remain in the race to be Prime Minster of our great nation. You have the outright favourite by MPs Theresa May, Home Secretary for the last 6 years and whose political zenith came when she dubbed her own party, ‘the nasty party.’ On the other hand, you have Andrea Leadsom, who came to prominence during the EU referendum as a tough debater who is fit to tackle anyone, although some do say she is too inexperienced for the top job. It is a David vs Goliath setting. However, just like David, Mrs Leadsom may rise up and defeat her heavyweight opponent against all the odds.

Due to the very serious financial situation our country faces, many May supporters claim there needs to be an experienced woman at the helm to help steer the ship in the right direction. However, hardly any MP’s have the financial experience that Andrea Leadsom holds, which will be so vital during this time of economic turbulence. She has spent nearly a quarter of a century in the banking sector, helping her pick up immense knowledge of the financial system and how to calm it during times of struggle, with her being in the banking sector throughout the 2008 Banking Crisis. If you want a steady hand during this troubled time, Andrea is the woman you need.

It cannot be denied that Theresa has the most political experience out of the pair. But with political experience comes political baggage. And boy, does Theresa have some of that. Whether it be her attacks on civil liberties or failing to promise that Europeans living in the UK will have the right to remain here, Theresa has picked up a knack of creating controversy and enemies. Compare that to Andrea Leadsom, whose biggest controversy has been an allegedly exaggerated CV, and you see who would be the most popular leader. A fresh face with the electorate has always been successful when compared to a well-known figure, just ask Gordon Brown!

During the divisive EU referendum, many Conservatives will have fought on the Remain side while a large number campaigned for the Leave side. However, nobody can deny the excellence of Andrea Leadsom during the campaign, debating with a stern and commanding tone that we have not seen since the days of Mrs Thatcher. She threw her weight behind the campaign and proved that, beyond any career success, she wanted to fight for what she believed in. The same cannot be said, however, for her opponent. Theresa May was largely absent from the referendum campaign, with her seemingly being aware that, in doing so, her chances of being Prime Minister would be greatly increased. Such cunningness should not be rewarded. Such a woman should not be Prime Minister.

It is time for the party to come back together and unite behind one leader. We need a leader who can inspire a nation and lead her people to success. We need a leader who has experience of the financial world, able to tackle the impending financial uncertainty. We need a leader that will bring prosperity to our nation and to our people. Come to the fore Mrs Andrea Leadsom, the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.


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