Oliver WheelerFriedrich Hayek warned of the dangerous road to totalitarianism paved with well intention socialism in his work ‘The Road to Serfdom’. It seems, willing or not, that Scotland has begun to crawl down this road guided by the strict leash of the SNP. There is grandeur to a classic underdog story; the last vestiges of conservatism in Scotland standing their ground against ravenous hordes of twisted idealists and their string pulling masters.

Unfortunately for many, the political climate of Scotland is not a heroic struggle against the odds. Despite holding the position of opposition in Scottish Parliament, conservatives in Scotland are still viewed with scorn by a majority leftist population. Many conservatives in Scotland find themselves not only at odds with their neighbours but with the SNP regime that fuels degradation of Scotland. Many conservatives find themselves leaving Scotland; others attempt to stay in order to bring about the inevitable downfall of the rotten SNP machine.

The average person is Scotland has certainly felt the effects of the SNP. One man when asked about the SNP simply replied ‘I’m done with being Scottish’. Others elaborated further on SNP rule. When talking about his local SNP MP a resident stated ‘I have not seen any benefit from him nor have we heard much from him in our local press’, he later went on to state that his local MP has only ever raised five points in parliament ‘only one of which was relative to his constituency relating to local floods’.

Interesting comparisons were drawn between the local MP and the local MSP. ‘Our local MSP is John Lamont, a Conservative and local farmer – he is the total opposite and you cannot get him out of the local papers; whether you agree with his stance or not he appears to be extremely active and has a strong voice in the area’.

Alongside the disenchantment with their government, more and more people are beginning to bear the brunt of The SNP’s increased income tax plans. Scottish tax codes are now stamped with a large ‘S’ indicating that a larger sum of money will be taxed from this individual than someone south of the border. This policy has wreaked havoc upon the working people of Scotland; a report from the Scottish government elaborated ‘the proportion of people in poverty in working households increased in the latest year’.

It seems that the average hard working family in Scotland has seen disaster in continued SNP leadership. Many are paying the price for the ‘nationalist fervour’ dominating Scottish politics.

There is a clear demand for Scotland to turn back from the slow road to independent serfdom. Ruth Davidson exploded into second place in the Scottish parliament, displacing Labour as the official opposition. Meanwhile, The SNP failed to secure an overall majority, Nicola Sturgeon is viewed by many as ‘a divisive character’, some have labelled her as ‘disingenuous’ and without subtlety, others stated that they simply ‘cannot stand her’.

There is now potential for a breakthrough of conservative ideology in Scotland, we may be witnessing a coming sea change. Ruth Davidson has led The Scottish Conservatives well thus far. Should SNP failures continue to disenfranchise a moderate voter base it seems likely that the ‘strong opposition’ provided by Davidson could well scoop up hard working voters of Scotland. The mind numbing repetition of The SNP is beginning to have its way with voters, and that is when The Scottish Conservatives can take power.


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