If we thought these past 7 days could not offer us any more reason to be confused with the UK Government… Fear Not! Boris has again, found his voice and spoken out for who he is supporting now for the #ToryLeadership.

Boris backs #Leadsom4Leader & #Leadsom4PM !

It’s official, roll up, roll up, Boris is backing Andrea Leadsom for the Conservative Party Leadership! In a statement to his social media followers on Twitter & Facebook he said:

“Andrea Leadsom offers the zap, the drive, and the determination essential for the next leader of this country.” – He’s not wrong. Andrea is full of this ‘Zap’. As she officially opened her campaign for leadership today in a press conference opened by Penny Mordaunt, Portsmouth North MP and Minister for the Armed Forces.

Boris himself had around 40+ MPs backing him prior to his shock drop out for the running of the tory leadership and Prime Minister last week. Some of those MPs have already gone over to support Theresa May, stating that she is the most capable person to run the country. Well I’m not so sure about that. There are still 18 undeclared MPs who previously supported Boris Johnson – Maybe they will shift to his way of thinking and move over to support Andrea Leadsom. This would ensure she passes the 50 MP mark and would easily knock out Liam Fox and Stephen Crabb in the first two rounds, maybe even the Governator himself in the third round!

Boris is obviously still recovering from the stab wounds to his back and front from Michael Gove last week. Gove’s reputation has been somewhat tarnished by his move to stab Boris in both the back & front and now faces a defeat to Andrea Leadsom as the #AnythingButMay ticket on the leadership ballot paper!

Boris went on to say:

“She has a better understanding of finance than almost anyone else in Parliament. She has considerable experience of government. She is level headed, kind, trustworthy approachable and the possessor of a good sense of humour.” – Qualities that we currently need in a Prime Minister to bring us all back together after the EU Referendum result. The referendum campaign was seen to be divisive and divided the country, nearly in two. Andrea’s experience in big banks, financial institutes and being a minister for two years in two different departments, stands her in very good stead to win this leadership battle. Notwithstanding her four years experience in the Treasury Select Committee and her love for charities that help the “Early Years” of a newborn’s life. Andrea is now the person to take the fight to Theresa May and all of the Europhile MPs that are backing her.

Boris’ comments are significant, no matter what people think of him. We’re talking about the man that defeated Ken Livingstone, not once, but twice to become the Mayor of London for 8 years! The Labour stronghold of London, that Boris was able to motivate and inspire. I hope his comments on Andrea tonight will resonate with other MPs and the Tory Membership that will allow Andrea to surpass Theresa to become the next Conservative Leader and Prime Minister.

Finally and quite importantly, Boris also made this remark about Andrea:

“Above all she possesses the qualities needed to bring together leavers and remainers in the weeks and months ahead.” – Something that is so desperately needed and wanted right now. A steady hand, a true leader and person to unite the party and the country. To bring back values we all stand by and to reach out to all of our European friends and say “We’re open for business, we’re not shutting you off”.

For me, above all, I hope now that Andrea Leadsom goes on to win the leadership battle, with all its twists and turns, secure the victory and become a leading Prime Minister for us all!

SOURCECallum Wright
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