Only Leadsom can Appeal to 4 Million UKIP Voters


For better or worse I have been involved with UKIP since 2011, helping to elect over 30 UKIP District and County Councillors, being involved in GE Campaigns in constituencies like Boston Skegness and Grimsby, both places where the Conservatives actually went backwards. Without UKIP this referendum would never have happened and Eurosceptic Tory MP’s would likely have been sidelined or de-selected.

Before then, like many, I was a Conservative. It was Neo-Cons like Cameron and May who turned so many away from the Conservative Party and careerists like my own MP Brandon Lewis, with their views on Europe and a culture of blindly following Cameron no matter what his request. To me the Conservative Party which gave us the greatest modern day Prime Minister has been hijacked.

Without the SNP in Scotland at the last GE it would have been curtains for the Conservatives. Will the SNP help the Tories next time, who knows? It was other Party failings that gave the Conservatives victory in 2015 not their brand of Conservatism.

This is where Andrea Leadsom comes in. A Eurosceptic, commited to enacting Article 50. Who better to attract UKIP voters, a Party in flux and in need of either new leadership behind the scenes or a new approach. An MP without the close links to other unpopular figures like Osborne. More importantly, she has had a real job in the real world. ¬†After years doing very senior work in the financial sector our next PM will need to be economically savvy to help us get the best deal for Brexit. Leadsom more than fits that bill. Theresa May who’s lack of negotiating skills resulted in being slow hand-clapped¬†by the Police Federation during her tenure, or Leadsom, who was praised widely for the investigation in to the Libor scandal? I know who I would prefer.

I wont have a vote for the leadership and nor is it likely any of the 4 million UKIP voters will do so either. She is however our Nations best chance of leading our Government through successful trade negotiations with Europe and across the world.

Under Leadsome the Right of politics might just have a chance to re-unite once again.


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