BoJo NoGo – Gove Gives Bloody Nose!


Thursday morning proved to be the eye opener none of us were expecting.

A touch of backstabbing had emerged as Michael Gove abandoned Boris Johnson’s campaign for the Tory Leadership bid amidst a whirlwind of speculation about whether Boris Johnson was capable of being Prime Minister. Michael Gove made it quite clear saying “But I have come, reluctantly, to the conclusion that Boris cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead.” This might have answered the lingering question on Boris’ capability to govern the country post-Brexit.

However does this lead to more speculation about Michael Gove’s ability to stick to his morals and beliefs. Just a few weeks ago in the build up to the EU Referendum, on the Sky News TV Debate he categorically ruled himself out of the leadership bid stating: “I can tell you I am absolutely not. The one thing I can tell you is that there are lots of talented people who could be the Prime Minister after David Cameron, but, count me out.” He seemed rather stern and convincing just a few weeks ago, so it is no surprise that people are already questioning the morals of Michael Gove. Does it say more about Gove’s character than his ruling that Johnson cannot provide the leadership qualities of a future Prime Minister to lead us? Or was this his plan all along. To trick us into believing him barely a month ago and to now shock us all with this unexpected late leadership bid.

A lot of people before the referendum were saying “Michael Gove will be the Prime Minister we never had!” Well now is your chance to back him and vote for him, albeit you’re a member of the Conservative Party! If not, well, you can support him through the means of Social Media, in which they have proven to be wrong.. time and time again. But that matter is for another time.

Do you want a Prime Minister that makes huge moral U-Turns based on other candidacy and people rather than solid judgement. Gove’s bid seems rushed, and even though he has a big following of people in the Tory Party, I don’t know whether it will be enough to see him over the line to win. The issue with this breakaway from Boris is that now we have Three “Leave” siding candidates (after BoJo’s departure from the race), against two “Remain” siding candidates for leader of the Conservative Party and in turn Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The issue lies with the numbers. Yes 67% of Conservative Party voters, voted for Leave, whilst only 33% voted to Remain. This favours the next Prime Minister being of “Leave” favouring side that won over the electorate last Thursday in their bids for the UK to be Independent of The EU. Having three candidates for Leadership bids that sided with Leave, only seeks to split the Leave vote within the Tory Membership even more, so why aren’t they rallying around one candidate?

It seems to have worked, bloody nosed and bruised by comments from Michael Gove, Boris Johnson has ruled himself OUT of the leadership bid and campaign. Immediate reactions from this are disbelief and utter shock amongst Tory MPs and Members alike. Who will he back now that he’s ruled himself out.. Will it be Andrea Leadsom? Will it be a Liam Fox? Will it be a Remain backing MP? Or will it be Theresa May..

Theresa May has spoken. She is the one for the UK she said, she is the on to lead us on to greater things. “I am Theresa May” she said, as if it was an original insight. Playing to the strengths of the saddened faces of Remain MPs and supporters backing the campaign she said “I will seek to work with all people, whether or not you are of the 52% or the 48%, we need to come together.” The concern is she will rally enough Tory Members to back her as the other side try and wrangle their way to getting two Leave supporting MPs on the final ballot to be sent out to the membership. Who will eventually decide who’ll be the next leader and subsequent Prime Minister.

The real fight will turn to who Tory MPs will be backing on the Leave side of things. Can Gove amass enough MPs to rally behind him to get him on the ballot. Or is there someone else bubbling under? How about Andrea Leadsom?

Andrea has officially confirmed her leadership bid now and will be running to be Tory Leader and Prime Minister. Backed by enough MPs and members to give her the push to formally confirm it on Thursday Morning. Her limelight was overshadowed by Gove’s shock bid and dramatic turn around on his backing for Boris Johnson. United Politics currently has her as the favourite at 54% of the vote with 1,800 votes cast, she is popular. #Leadsom4Leader is somewhat understated, but that’s good, we like an underdog and so does the UK. The bookies whilst slashing the odds for Theresa May and Michael Gove have also subtly sliced the odds for Andrea making an impact on the leadership bid too. She is the quiet voice that nobody should undermine or ignore. Andrea is a force to be reckoned with and has already garnered the support from the likes of Penny Mordaunt, Portsmouth North MP and Armed Forces Minister in Parliament. Penny said on Twitter: “So proud to have nominated the brilliant @andrealeadsom for Leader of the Conservative Party.”

We will await final confirmations of leadership bids from MPs, but it is looking like the following:

Michael Gove (Leave)
Theresa May (Remain)
Stephen Crabb (Remain)
Liam Fox (Leave)
Andrea Leadsom (Leave)

In the build up to this leadership debate for the Conservative Party, spare a thought for the Labour Party. A party in total disarray between its Parliamentary Party and their Membership. Total turmoil awaits for them if they’re not careful.

For now, let’s see who emerges to lead our country Post-Brexit! Tallyho.

SOURCECallum Wright
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  1. I wont my £25 back I joined 3 days ago so I could vote for Boris now I think the referendum as all been for nothing Boris and Gove I thought the dream team. they have let millions of ordinary voters down Gove should be ashamed of him self.

  2. Funnily enough, even if you joined last week, you wouldn’t be eligible to vote for Tory leader as it’s only for current members pre-June. I guess that was the tactic of the party so that there wasn’t an infiltration of people from other parties spoiling the fair ballot. Like we saw last year with regard to Jeremy Corbyn and the £3 shambles.

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