Following a high profile sacking, numerous Shadow Cabinet resignations, a reshuffle and then a vote of no confidence before further resignations, Angela Eagle is set to stand against Jeremy Corbyn to seize the Labour leadership.

Earlier on ITV news, Jeremy Corbyn appeared shell-shocked by unfolding events as he was pulled away from journalists.

Now vulnerable, weakened by the many voices from within the Labour movement telling Corbyn he must resign, could Eagle’s selection be the final straw that breaks his grip on the Labour Party?

We ask…




  1. Who would honestly want Eagle to lead the Labour Party, after she deliberately plotted for 9 months against the leader who was voted in via democracy. A leader who has 1000’s of members and unions backing him.
    If Eagle is by some, shall we say chance, there would be a mass exodus from their members.

  2. Wow. 97%.

    I’m deeply impressed and encouraged by this. I also concur that the current Labour party with its blue mandate would rather we as members did not voice our opinions at all. We must remain within the party, whatever happens. I hate giving money to the likes of the bullies but we must voice our concerns.

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