#Leadsom4Leader: A New Dawn?


In a whirlwind of speculation about who will become the new Conservative Party leader and in effect the new Prime Minister of the UK, Tuesday seemed to produce the most unlikely of candidates.

In a time of great uncertainty a country calls upon it’s leaders to steer the ship and take a commanding lead. The Conservatives are pretty good at not picking the favourite candidate for their leadership. I’m going to explain why that should still be the case.

Andrea Leadsom is widely an unknown in politics. She was born in May 1963 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and at 53 years of age, certainly hasn’t missed the limelight in the EU Referendum debates. She was one of the three figureheads of the Vote Leave campaign on the big ITV and BBC Debates that were held during the campaign.

She is the MP for the South Northamptonshire in the East Midlands. She currently commands a hefty 26,000 majority (a 43.4% majority) and 60% of the total vote there. She is the current Minister of State for Energy and has served in that post since 11th May 2015, just over a year. Previously she held the cabinet position of Economic Secretary to the Treasury between April 2014 – May 2015, after the reshuffle of cabinet in 2014.

Andrea read Political Science at the University of Warwick before working in the Financial Sector for Barclays Bank. There she became the Financial Institutions Director between 1993 and 1997. After entering the House of Commons in 2010 and with her previous financial experience, she was appointed a member of the Treasury Select Committee. Andrea’s background in the financial sector will most certainly stand her in good stead if she becomes leader of The Conservative Party and in turn the Prime Minister.

But why Andrea? – You may ask.

Andrea is a very coherent, well spoken lady who doesn’t beat around the bush. She has shown us, time and time again in the big debates, how she can argue her case but not be put off by the taunting and comments from her opponents. She is certainly strong willed but also very capable of listening to both sides of an argument.

Andrea is a lady of grace, softly spoken and you can tell she is well educated. Her calm manner and effective speeches exude her passion for the UK. We’ve not had a Female Prime Minister since 1990 and I think it’s time we got behind Andrea to change that. Andrea is not Maggie Take II, she is Andrea Leadsom.

She will Lead us to a better negotiation with The EU.
She will Lead us to a bright future for The UK.
She will Lead from the front with a new take on things.
Andrea is the one to Lead us on in The Conservative Party.

#Leadsom4Leader – Leading from the front!

SOURCECallum Wright
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