Book Release: NEA – Dawn Of An Era

By Georgio Konstandi


Dear United Politics readers,

Previously you may have read my blogs on taxation, the EU and the tragic death of Jo Cox. Now though, I’m here to share with you my debut novel: NEA – Dawn of an Era. And I believe you will truly love it.

NEA – Dawn of an Era is set in Greece, in the year 2020. It’s been twelve years since EU-directed austerity began and the country has surpassed the point of disarray: it is utter pandemonium. There is a democratic crisis: through abiding by Merkel’s austerity packages, the Greek government has lost complete touch with its people.

Not too dissimilar to the situation today.

Apart from, in my novel, the people erupt. An anti-government, military faction under the name of NEA (Greek for “new things”) has been festering for the past decade. A bitter concoction of ex-political criminals and aggrieved Greek men, organise themselves to commence a total domination of the nation; their ultimate goal, to destroy the Hellenic Parliament once and for all. Democracy is no longer welcome.

The incumbent Greek Prime Minister, George Andreou, has his work cut out for him: NEA is being sponsored by both the Russian and Turkish government, each with their own vested interests in NEA’s success. Three months before the upcoming general elections – and NEA unleashes itself onto the streets of northern Greece: the war against their government has begun. Andreou and his ministers need to find a solution before May, or else they’ll face an end to the democratic process Greece herself, founded.

But there’s more to all of this, than meets the eye. Why is the EU behaving so strangely, when asked for aid? Who’s responsible for NEA’s astonishing military prowess? And why is Angela Merkel so friendly with its leader?

My friends, what I have tried to achieve with this novel, is to explore the frightening possibilities of Greece’s current crisis. Though my imagination has led the plot forward, there is sadly much truth in what the plot includes. Last Thursday, we broke free from the EU’s reign, and we should be so proud of ourselves for taking a stand against bureaucracy and scaremongers. But there is another world outside our window, that doesn’t necessarily receive the media coverage it should. It doesn’t have a voice. It doesn’t have the hope that we were given through our referendum.

As a Cypriot, I know and work with middle class Greeks who could afford to pack up and leave the mess that is their country. They were the lucky ones. They tell me of the mothers that have turned to prostitution so that they can put food on the table, they tell me of the children that are abandoned outside overflowing orphanages, they tell me of the suicide rates that have soared and continue soar, especially in young men who know they have no future.

We used to hear about all this. It used to make headline news every week. Now though, it’s old news. Mainstream broadcasters like the BBC and Sky News are no longer interested. Like in Syria and the Middle East. Uprisings and socio-political turmoil were becoming unexciting by 2011. The norm. Until the next epidemic broke out. By which point, we all needed to know what on Earth was going on, for our own safety.

And that’s a selfish way of living, dear U.P. readers. To only care when it can cause debate around the dinner table, or when our own lives are at risk.

The Greeks that remain in Greece don’t have a voice. Their story is no longer being told. Through the political thriller that is NEA, amid all the plot twists, the violence, the romance, sex and drama, there is a strong warning to take note. To be told to and shared with as many politicos as we can. A warning that, until yesterday, perhaps even the Eurocrats of Brussels would have taken lightly. A warning that people really do have power. And should they be pushed around for long enough, should they be bullied, made to feel small for too long – they will seize it. And they will abandon all the principles that they once thought to be true. For the sake of hope and for the sake of freedom.

So go on, dear readers, go buy it. Take a read, share it with friends. It’s available to order both on Amazon and on my agency’s website.

It feel so blessed to be able to share their story with you. I pray you enjoy the literature and are touched by what is, for them, a terrifying reality.

Here’s to democracy – and the power of the people.

Click to purchase your copy of ‘NEA: Dawn Of An Era’ here on Amazon or at Fast Print.



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