The sad news of the murder of Jo Cox is a personal tragedy for her family and loved ones. It also sadly illustrates the lunatic hypocrisy of the left who have linked the murder to Brexit.

So many parallels can be drawn with how the left have reacted to much more serious and frequent Islamic terrorism.

I saw no trending hashtags like #hugabrexiter  or #notallbrexiters that were rife after Paris. This is because these people are double standard hypocrites. Perversely a campaign to donate to the extreme ‘Hope Not Hate’ really shows how the after effects of such a tragedy have really descended to the gutter.

This is an organisation that fights against free speech, regularly disturbs legitimate political rallies ( only on the right of politics of course ) and attacks any mistake made by someone to the right of centre with venom and bile yet does not apply the same standards to those on the left.

The view from swaths of left that everyone on the right is full of hatred, racism and xenophobia is a toxic poison eating away at our democracy. Perhaps the left need reminding that some of the biggest monsters in history are from the left. Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler.

A man with a history of lonerism and mental health issues who brutally murdered another person is being twisted in to something political when it is not. Where are the cries that we should be investing more in mental health? I have no doubt this would have been the cry had a Brexiter been shot down by a socialist lunatic. Even the mentally ill have political views. It is the fact he believed that his course of action was reasonable that truly illustrates his insanity.

Nor does the death of another make their political views valid. We should be mourning the loss of a mother and a wife, not holding her up as a political martyr. Does death hide the fact that the pro-remain MP entered Parliament because her husband was close to Gordon Brown? Does it hide the fact that she once worked for a “charitable” organisation that spends hundreds of thousands of donations in wages to just a few top staffers? It is likely the left will be disgusted with what I have written, however it is the family who have politicised this murder before any facts have come out in court.

The police have of course been extra helpful to the Remain camp by revealing early on what they have found in the murderers home before the dust has settled and a full picture can be painted.

Rachel Reeves, a pro-remain Labour MP, should be commended for trying to distance the attack from being a political issue. Many condemning the murder as a result of Brexit are exactly the sort of people who mocked Nigel Farage after his near fatal collision in a light aircraft.

There are so many good causes out there that are non-political and could help others in genuine need, unlike hope-not-hate, it makes me wonder how low the left will sink next. Why not donate money to our homeless veterans? To cancer research? On mental health causes?

It is regrettable that a sad series of events has been politicised by remain supporters, hell bent on forcing us to believe what they believe. I think we will struggle to find another incident where left wing politics has sunk so low as to politicise a murder.


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